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Rollover the seating chart to view the stage from that section. Click on the chart to enlarge the stage photo.

Seating Chart

H -  NorthG - NorthF - NorthE - NorthD - NorthC - NorthB - NorthA - NorthA - SouthB - SouthC - SouthD - SouthE - SouthF - SouthG - SouthH - South15-17 Box - N12-14 Box - N9-11 Box - N8 Box - N7 Box - N5-6 Box - N2-4 Box - N1 Box - N1 Box - S2-4 Box - S5-6 Box - S7 Box - S8 Box - S9-11 Box - S12-14 Box - S15-17 Box - S1-10 Main Floor - S11-20 Main Floor - S21-34 Main Floor - S1-10 Main Floor- N11-20 Main Floor - N21-34 Main Floor - N1-10 Main Floor - C11-20 Main Floor - C21-26 - Main Floor - C
Rollover the seating chart to view the stage from that section
Section H North seating
Section G North seating
Section F North seating
Section E North seating
Section D North seating
Section C North seating
Section B North seating
Section A North seating
Section A South seating
Section B South seating
Section C South seating
Section D South seating
Section E South seating
Section F South seating
Section G South seating
Section H South seating
Sections 15-17 Box seating North
Sections 12-14 Box seating North
Sections 9-11 Box seating North
Section 8 Box seating North
Section 7 Box seating North
Sections 5-6 Box seating North
Sections 2-4 Box seating North
Section 1 Box seating North
Section 1 Box seating South
Sections 2-4 Box seating South
Sections 5-6 Box seating South
Section 7 Box seating South
Section 8 Box seating South
Sections 9-11 Box seating South
Sections 12-14 Box seating South
Sections 15-17 Box seating South
Sections 1-10 Main Floor seating South
Sections 11-20 Main Floor seating South
Sections 21-34 Main Floor seating South
Sections 1-10 Main Floor seating North
Sections 11-20 Main Floor seating North
Sections 21-34 Main Floor seating North
Sections 1-10 Main Floor seating Center
Sections 11-20 Main Floor seating Center
Sections 21-26 Main Floor seating Center


Box seats are colored brown.
Seating on the floor is numbered 1-15 in each section with seat 1 always being on the left side when facing the stage.

Steel Placement Chart

Floor to Rafters:

High Steel – 30 ft. 6 in.
Low Steel – 26 ft. 7 in.

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